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Tips to Prevent Computer Viruses

Computer viruses are so prevalent that virtually everyone who consistently uses computers has experienced the effects of one. Whether it’s your device crashing, your processing speed slowing way down, or your screen getting bombarding with pop-ups, nothing good comes from a virus breaching your device. Fortunately, steps can be taken to help prevent computer viruses from interfering with your daily digital routine.

Keep Systems and Software Updated

First, we strongly recommend keeping your operating system up-to-date. The messages about needing to complete updates can be annoying, but the security measures addressed in updates make sure your device maintains its defenses. You can even enable automatic system updates so you don’t have to continuously allow them and track whether or not they’re completed.

Also, definitely acquire and continuously update antivirus software. Installing antivirus software and keeping it updated helps your device search for, detect, and remove viruses. Windows Defender is suitable for home users with Microsoft. Businesses should implement a managed antivirus software so consistent policies can be applied across all of the organization’s devices.

Watch What You Click or Share

Be sure to exercise caution when interacting with the Internet and external files.

Check the legitimacy of websites you interact with before clicking on links, downloading files, or providing personal information. If your browser informs you the website you’ve navigated to is not secure, exit the site.

Email messages are another common vehicle for delivering viruses so maintain a healthy skepticism when reviewing your inbox. If an attachment or link comes from an unknown source, don’t click on it. Also, have your antivirus software scan any files you choose to download before you open them.

Flash drives and other external storage devices can carry viruses as well. These also should be scanned with antivirus software before you access the files inside them. Never plug in an unknown or untrusted device. This is an easy way to compromise your computer if someone untrustworthy has had access to your office or workspace.

While these tips decrease the likelihood of acquiring a virus, there is no surefire way to prevent computer viruses from interfering with your device. So, be sure to back up your data and practice password security to limit any damage in the event of a successful breach.

If you’re looking for additional guidance on keeping your computer secure, contact the Abstract team. Also, explore other posts on the Abstract Technology Group blog.


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