Abstract Technology Group provides a wide array of services including IT consulting, computer repair, website design, robotic process automation, and more. Explore our list of services below. 

Managed IT Services

With three levels of care to meet your needs, make Abstract your IT solutions provider. Our Bronze package contains a hearty serving of IT care including a preset number of phone support calls, and lets you mitigate some of your costs to better know what you’ll pay for IT service from month to month. The Silver plan kicks it up a notch and adds additional offsite support, and our flagship Gold plan essentially makes your IT costs known and lets us take care of everything. 

Our Managed Services program lets you create a better budget for your IT needs, and with permission systems built into your system, the Abstract team can minimize system failures, downtime, and lost revenue with preventative, proactive maintenance.

Through our parent company, Vergence Solutions, we are excited to be able to offer RPA - Robotic Process Automation - as a service we can develop for your business. RPA is designed to free up your employees' time by taking over time-consuming repetitive (and often mind-numbing) tasks. RPA can be used in a wide variety of industries to enable incredible time-savings, taking hours and days of work down to a five minute or less process.

Robotic Process Automation

IT Auditing

With extensive experience auditing entire systems and networks, the Abstract team can scan your setup and provide a detailed breakdown of what is on the system and where there may be a need for repair or upgrades in the future.

We have technicians that are able to work remotely. Many problems can be addressed without ever having to visit your office. This speeds up recovery time and minimizes downtime and lost revenue.

Help Desk Support

IT Outsourcing

Abstract can be your entire IT department. Why pay one person a very healthy wage when you can pay Abstract much less, all the while receiving much more. With a one or two person IT department you have limited talent at your disposal. You may end up paying them and outside consultants. Abstract has packages call Managed Services that address all your IT needs. A no-worries plan.

From systems to networks to operating systems, Abstract has the certified trainers and necessary facilities to teach the many complexities of computer networking to you and your staff.


Break/Fix Support

Have no IT department? Need something simply fixed that has gone down? Abstract can make service calls too. Call us for whatever may have broken. We offer a wide variety of support from Windows to Mac to Linux.

From all-new servers and networks to upgrades and expansions on existing equipment, Abstract can make sure you’re getting the most out of your hardware.

Server/Network Deployments

Video Security

As Axis Communications Authorized Partners, Abstract delivers solutions for almost any security need. With composite wiring allowing for a single cable, we offer a range of options from the most simple to the staggeringly complex for infra-red, panning, zooming, remote access, and more.

We can help you with our expert repair and upgrade service for all Apple Macintosh computers.

Apple/Mac Repair

Datacenter Design

Whether you’re looking for a high-availability backup or remote server access, Abstract can design and implement a datacenter/co-location solution to meet your business’s needs.

Computer broken? Need an upgrade? Heck, need a new computer? Then you’ve found the right place. We can quote repairs, upgrades, and offer custom hardware and software to keep you on the cutting edge.

Computer Repair

Search Engine Optimization

Make your website work for you with our SEO services. We offer proactive website and content management to help boost your position in Google, Yahoo, and other search engine results.

Abstract has created many websites for their customers. We can create anything from a static html website to a full custom php site. Whatever your needs, Abstract can provide you with the right product.

Website Design/Hosting

Data Recovery

If your computer has crashed or the hard drive has frozen, Abstract can assist you in recovering your data.