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Computer Repair

Computer broken? Need an upgrade? Heck, need a new computer? Then you’ve found the right place. We can quote repairs, upgrades, and offer custom hardware and software to keep you on the cutting edge.

We can help you with our expert repair and upgrade service for all MAC computers.

Apple Mac Repair

IT Consulting

If you need a consultant, project manager, or just an objective voice to help your current IT department, Abstract is the perfect partner for IT success. Our expertise and input can yield new thoughts, technologies, designs, and ultimately better options. Call us today to speak with one of our consultants!

Abstract has created many websites for their customers. We can create anything from a static html website to a full custom php site. Whatever your needs, Abstract can provide you with the right product.

Website Design & Hosting

IT Outsourcing

Abstract can be your entire IT department. Why pay one person a very healthy wage when you can pay Abstract much less, all the while receiving much more. With a one or two person IT department you have limited talent at your disposal. You may end up paying them and outside consultants. Abstract has packages call Managed Services that address all your IT needs. A no-worries plan.


Make Sure Your Credit Card Transactions are Secure

Jan 25, 2019
Statistics indicate that cardholder data breaches are on the rise, and criminals are increasingly targeting small and medium businesses to obtain cardholder information. To help protect consumers’ credit/debit card data the payment card industry now requires any merchant that processes, transmits, or stores customer’s cardholder data to achieve PCI compliance.
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How to Avoid Black Friday & Cyber Monday Gimmicks

Nov 14, 2018
When it comes to buying a new or refurbished computer the goal should be to buy just what you need that addresses your personal or business computing needs. At this time of year it is easy to be tempted by the many gimmicks that are meant to sell you something you may not need.
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What Type of Antivirus Software Do I Need?

Oct 25, 2018
Malware threats are ever present so having your data and systems protected is crucial. Learn more about the different types of antivirus software available.
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Video Production That Brings Your Business to Life

Sep 27, 2018
JP Video Productions creates innovative video content for individuals and businesses seeking cost effective professional video production. Whether it’s for television, the board room, or the web, we produce professional high quality videos that can fit almost any budget.
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