Servers & Management

Feb 13, 2020
Practically every business will utilize some kind of server for operations. Servers act as a central storage point for any type of vital files. Then, through either a wired or wireless connection, different workers can access the files from their own workstations as needed.
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The Cloud

Feb 05, 2020
The cloud is as important as ever for personal and business technology. Join us as we review some basics of the cloud in our new video blog!
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Device Syncing

Jan 16, 2020
Everyone loves their devices. From phones to TVs, smartwatches to laptops, tablets to e-readers, our technology plays a huge part of our lives.
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Technician Advice

Dec 19, 2019
As the year winds down, we at Abstract Technology Group wanted to think about all those we did work for and how we can continue to help our wonderful clients.
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Windows 10 Migration

Dec 11, 2019
An important message about moving to Windows 10.
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