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Prolong Laptop Battery Life

Running out of battery charge on your laptop can be a real nuisance when you forget your charger or there aren’t any outlets nearby. To help maximize your device’s charge so you can keep working on your tasks, check out our list tips on how to prolong laptop battery life!

Power can be consistently conserved by tinkering with the settings of your laptop.

Consider reducing screen brightness or using power-saving mode.

You can also see if your go-to browser includes any power-saving settings for your internet usage. 

Other power settings to consider include decreasing the time it takes for your screen to turn off or go to sleep. 

When taking short breaks from your laptop, put it into sleep or hibernation mode instead of repeatedly powering it on and off. Sleep or hibernation modes reduce power consumption and let you quickly get back to work.

Finally, your notification settings can have an impact on your battery as well. Turning off unnecessary notifications can limit the amount of work your laptop needs to complete.

Close or Turn Off What You’re Not Using

If you’re not using a program and won’t be revisiting it for a while, close it. Leaving a program up and running uses your laptop’s power unnecessarily. 

Also, be wary of background processes. Certain programs can remain running in the background. To remedy this, visit your system settings and disable unnecessary background processes. You can receive additional insight by checking Task Manager on Windows devices or Activity Monitor on Mac devices to see what programs are taking up considerable resources. 

Wireless connections and external devices are other areas worth inspecting. Wi-Fi and USB drives draw power from your device so be sure to disable or disconnect them when not in use.

If you have further questions about how to prolong laptop battery life, contact our team of technicians.


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