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Privacy and Cookie Policies

If you use a website as part of your business operations and collect any data from your users, including a corresponding privacy policy and cookie policy is absolutely vital. Domestic and international laws now protect users’ personal data so maintaining updated policies helps you stay in legal compliance, avoid regulatory fines, and build trust with your site visitors.  

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What is a privacy policy?

A privacy policy outlines the types of personal data your website collects and how your organization stores and protects that information. It also addresses the methods for collection and the purposes for gathering the information. 

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What is personal data?

Personal data includes any information that can be used to identify your site’s users. Examples include contact information (names, email addresses, phone numbers), IP addresses, and cookie data. Any time a user supplies information through a form submission or a customer service message, personal data is being provided. 

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What are website cookies?

Website cookies are small text files with unique data that your website sends to the browser or device of the user. Cookies allow your website to record users’ experiences, collect data, and personalize experiences on later visits. 

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What is a cookie policy?

A cookie policy explains the types of cookies used by your website and the purposes for using them. This policy also outlines how users can manage their cookie preferences and opt out of certain information tracking. 


What laws do these policies need to follow?

Governments around the world have passed legislation protecting the data privacy of their citizens. Because you never know if someone from a different part of the country or world will visit your website, you want to make sure your policies account for them, regardless of the location of your business. Some of the domestic policies include the California Consumer Privacy Act, the Colorado Privacy Act, and the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act. Indiana is not far behind as seen with the passage of the Indiana Consumer Data Protection Act earlier this year. Outside of the United States, the European Union has incorporated the General Data Protection Regulation and Canada has the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. 

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