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Microsoft 365 Administration

Microsoft 365 is the premier email and office software solution for businesses large and small, however, its sometimes-confusing interface can make it a hassle for employees without expert IT knowledge. Abstract has managed Microsoft 365 domains for dozens of businesses over the past decade. Allow us to reduce your overhead, support your team, and keep you secure. As with any business platform, Microsoft 365 is not immune to security vulnerabilities, but our Microsoft 365 audit service can help keep your business running smoothly with top-notch email deliverability and safeguard your information with practical security measures. 

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Email Deliverability

Ensuring your business’s critical emails get delivered is of the highest importance. No one wants to lose a client because an email is going to a Junk folder or getting lost in email quarantine. We’ll review your server-side configuration to align it with email best practices and give your emails the best possible chance of making it your client’s inbox.

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Email Security

Email is a common target for hackers who may attempt to compromise an email account, deliver a virus or other malware, steal company data, or trick an employee into relinquishing company funds. These attacks all target the human element – your employees. Our training process and materials will educate your employees on how to protect your operation by recognizing and appropriately responding to these attacks.

We also offer in-depth email attack simulations and training for those interested in a more comprehensive email security program.

Password Security

We’ll review your password security configuration to make sure it aligns with industry best-practices and ensure all user accounts are protected with multi-factor authentication.

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File Security

Microsoft’s OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams services included in most Microsoft 365 licenses provide critical access to sharing and collaboration, especially as remote work becomes more common. These programs make for tempting targets for hackers because they can potentially find business critical information.

We’ll run an analysis on all user accounts and roles to identify and remove any unauthorized or unnecessary permissions. Our team will also review your configuration’s sharing policies to ensure only needed parties can access your files. Overall, we’ll tighten information access to include only essential personnel.

Looking to enroll in Microsoft 365 or increase your email security?

If your company would be interested in learning more about our Microsoft 365 administration services, contact the Abstract team today! We will work with you to transfer your existing emails and files in a seamless transition!

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