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Computer Repair

Computer issues happen to all of us. Maybe your computer starts running slow, a laptop battery stops charging, or you get “the blue screen of death” and your hard drive crashes. When this happens, what do you do? For those who don’t have an IT department with computer repair experts, you may feel compelled to curl up in a corner and just cry. But before doing that, we recommend either bringing your computer into Abstract Technology or giving us a call, and we’ll make arrangements to assess your situation and determine a course of action. 

We can provide quotes for repairs, upgrades, and offer custom hardware and software to keep you on the cutting edge. 

Walk In Diagnostics and Repair

We offer FREE one-hour diagnostics and repair quote for your PC. Diagnostics and a repair quote are available for your MAC for a minimal fee. 

Remote Support

Remote support allows us to take a look at your computer without you needing to bring it in. In many cases we can fix your issues without visiting your home or office. There is a fee for this service. 

Home/Office Visits

A technician will come to your home or office, normally within 24 hours of your request. This service does include a minimum charge.

Any Computer Problem

We can handle any computer problem you may have, whether that's: 

  • a hardware replacement
  • laptop screen repair
  • virus removal
  • software issues
  • an internet connection problem
  • data backup, transfer, or data recovery
Technical Qualifications

Our highly qualified technicians have experience working on Macs and different PCs. They also possess multiple industry certifications from companies including Microsoft, Cisco and CompTIA. As a result, they're well-equipped to handle your computer repair questions. 

Reach Us Anytime

We have someone available at our Lafayette office anytime Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm. But if you need assistance after hours, contact us by calling 765-420-TECH[8324] and selecting our Emergency Service hotline.

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