USB and You

USB and You

April 09, 2020

You are likely to use it every day. Whether for your phone, computer, or other electronic device, USB is the most common computer port used today. Standing for ‘Universal Serial Bus’, USB acts as both a communication method and power source between computers and peripheral devices.

USB itself has evolved over time to match the ever-growing technological capabilities. Currently on the third main iteration, USB 3.0, anyone who uses electronic devices has likely utilized USB connections. Virtually every smartphone model, Apple and Android, will use some type of USB cord for charging. Similarly, this cord can also be used to transfer data between the mobile device and a computer. This also works in reverse, allowing files to be placed onto the phone that came from the computer.

Many accessory items for electronics will employ USB to function. Unless able to connect wirelessly through Bluetooth, keyboards or mice will need to be plugged in through a dedicated USB port. Of course, a lot of wireless devices need to be charged as they do not have infinite batteries. This is usually achieved by connecting the device to a standard power source through a USB cord. Even video game consoles, like Xbox or PlayStation, use USB technology to connect with and charge controllers or remotes.

In some ways, USB touches every part of our now digital lives. One of the most efficient and applicable technologies, it has opened a whole world of possibility whether you are keeping track of personal files or hoping to do more business.

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