Timely, Expert QuickBooks Support

Timely, Expert QuickBooks Support

February 26, 2019

Many small to mid-size businesses use QuickBooks to manage their income and expenses, invoicing, tax information and other accounting functions ...  all important aspects of a business that have to run smoothly.

Take Advantage of QuickBooks Capabilities

Abstract Technology Group has the technical resources available to help any business work through common QuickBooks problems, provide secure remote access, and make sure all data is backed up properly.  To address these common concerns Abstract Technology Group will …

  1. Configure QuickBooks so it will allow multiple users to fully utilize a single concurrent license.This allows multiple individuals to input data and access reporting at different times.
  2. With many employees now working remotely, Abstract Technology Group can set up a secure network that protects the integrity of your files when accessed from remote locations.
  3. Few businesses can sustain the loss of their proprietary data.Performing routine multiple and online backups is necessary to protect this critical information.

Handle Common QuickBooks Problems

When problems with QuickBooks pop up, Abstract Technology Group has the expertise to address these common issues that QuickBooks users experience.  These include …

  1. Issues with multiple users logging into a file after switching to multi-user mode.
  2. H505 errors are the most common error we see in QuickBooks.  They are caused by several different issues and typically mean a user cannot access their QuickBooks files.
  3. Problems opening a file after moving to a different computer.
  4. Issues printing checks and/or invoices from QuickBooks.
  5. QuickBooks running slow in multi-user mode.

Your Local QuickBooks Resource

Let Abstract Technology Group be your local QuickBooks technical resource.  Our trained staff can assist in selecting the right QuickBooks product, performing upgrades, and offering ongoing QuickBooks technical support.  We also set up file sharing for multiple users, add new users, and build in security and backup systems.  Just give us a call at 765-420-8324 and we’ll be happy to help.