IT Auditing

IT Auditing

November 22, 2019

blur-computer-connection-electronics-442150.jpg Technology, while becoming more helpful, has also become more complicated. Figuring out what is necessary versus what is superfluous can be a daunting task; especially when there are so many other concerns to be worried about. Ideally, technology will work the way it is supposed to right out of the box and only a few general setups necessary. We know that is not the reality, though, and different sorts of businesses will have specific needs that others do not.

Even with an internal IT team, it is still important to have outside verification of a system. A third-party audit may reveal security issues or performance shortcomings that could have been overlooked. An independent audit ensures that vital operations are covered from all angles. Planning, evaluating controls, and reporting from a third party may reveal shortcomings that an internal team missed or thought was not a problem when solely concerned with internal operations and not external factors. photography-of-person-typing-1181675.jpgIT audits can be broken down into two main types: general control review and application control review. Both have to do with assessing comprehensively software and hardware.

Security is one of the most vital features of an office network. Any crack can make vulnerable important company information or personal data from employees. Making sure a system is secure is done by trained technicians that know how to find potential pitfalls and are aware of system limitations. Knowing the latest trends in protection, along with attack, can ensure that your IT setup is never vulnerable.

Sometimes systems have become out of date simply because new technology is available or software updates have occurred. It is advisable to periodically check to see if new products are on the market that can improve your system operations. Similarly, making sure important software updates are performed means your computers will not cause problems, or force an update, at inopportune times.


While the most expensive products can seem nice, they may not do everything you need or do way too much. This is also true of cheap or off-brand equipment. While able to perform the basic needed tasks, they may break easier or lack certain beneficial features. Discussing your specific needs with a trained IT professional ensures you are spending the money necessary to get your job done and not burning your whole budget on one item.

Whether starting a business or keeping a successful one up-to-date, IT auditing is important in our tech-based world. More and more of business is done through computers and no one should be left behind. If you are curious about your system, or want to schedule an audit, contact Abstract Technology Group today.