Device Syncing

Device Syncing

January 16, 2020

Everyone loves their devices. From phones to TVs, smartwatches to laptops, tablets to e-readers, our technology plays a huge part of our lives. Generally, these devices are meant to make our lives easier, giving us instant access to our own important information and opening up the vast spectrum of human knowledge. close-up-of-woman-typing-on-keyboard-of-laptop-6352.jpgWe carry in our pockets computers more complicated than those that landed men on the moon. Thus, with all of their capabilities, it is frustrating when the devices don’t do everything we want.

Part of how devices create convenience is through their cross compatibility. A smartwatch works with a smartphone to conveniently present information and provide a simplified command method. A tablet synced with a phone can save all the important photos to a secondary, physical location. Of course, such benefits rely on having one’s devices setup to communicate. Different cloud-based storage systems make this easier as a common set of files and data can be reached by any device connected to the internet.

Naturally, devices falling under a certain brand, like Apple or Samsung, will communicate in a more streamlined manner, but that is not always the case and knowing a device’s full capabilities can help one get the most out purchases. Most Bluetooth devices will work with any device as long as it is Bluetooth capable. Common Bluetooth gadgets are headphones, speakers, keyboards & mice.


Similar to Bluetooth connections, devices can also sync up through standard Wi-Fi connections. If two devices are connected to the same network, they can trade data or commands as needed by the user. For example, a smartphone connected to a Wi-Fi network that is also connected to a modern television will be able to ‘cast’, or playback, videos from the phone on the larger screen.

Having our devices synced also means that we have important information always at our fingertips. Emails, text messages, phone calls, and other forms of communication can now alert an individual using a team of devices instead of from just a single source.

If the idea of all your devices working in congruence seems a little overwhelming, that’s okay. The interconnectivity of any device can be determined by the user and what they hope to accomplish. If you would like to learn more about how your devices can work for you, or you’re afraid you are not getting everything you can from your recent technology purchase, Abstract Technology Group is here to help! Reach out today and make sure that your technology works FOR you, and not against you.