Data Back Up

Data Back Up

July 18, 2019

Data Backup/Recovery

It is not uncommon for people to keep all of their important data, for business or personal, completely on their computer or phone. The fatal flaw here is that if one of these devices breaks or is lost, all of that important information may be also lost.

That is why data backups are important. Whether for all of those important work files or your priceless family photos, a data backup will insure that even when your technology fails, you will not have lost anything vital.


Backups for your computer may be an external hard drive that periodically will copy your computer’s drive and allow you to recover data from a certain date.

Smartphones will typically have access to Cloud backups which will allow the important data on the phone to be read and saved wirelessly in case something happens to the physical device. Most smartphones can also be backed up through a personal computer if plugged in using a USB port. Backup data will be stored on the computer, and if the phone loses its memory, it can be restored by plugging into the computer and applying the backup.


Did not back up the data and afraid its list forever? Take a step back from the ledge, it may not yet be lost. Data recovery can recover a good percentage of the data, if not fully. This is not always true, but it is important to try all avenues before giving up.

When concerned with business, backing up data is incredibly important. Not only will there be a large amount of data with which to be concerned, it is most likely vital data to the business operations and maintaining positive relationships with clients. Whether a company’s servers are onsite or housed at a separate location, having regularly scheduled backups with uninterrupted power sources will ensure that the data is safe and always accessible to those who need it.

If the thought of losing your data causes you to sweat, you are not alone. While computers add convenience to our lives, them failing can be devastating. Abstract Technology Group is here to help build a system that is both convenient and safe. If you would like to discuss a backup system for your business, or just want to preserve your personal digital files, contact Abstract today.