Cryptolocker, the Grim Reaper for Computer Files

Cryptolocker, the Grim Reaper for Computer Files

October 01, 2014

CryptoLocker is the grim reaper for computer files.

Companies get this horrible, awful, damaging virus simply by opening an attachment in an email that looks harmless. You won’t know you have it until you try to open a file, and the file doesn’t open. You will try to open another file, and it doesn’t open. By this time, Cryptolocker has encrypted most, if not all, of your files.

It was designed as a “ransomware trojan.” It encrypts your files and then sends you a ransom note stating that you must pay to have your files unencrypted. Many people have paid the ransom only to find that the files were still not accessible. Even with a local backup, you could still lose all of your data. Having an offsite backup is your best defense against CryptoLocker. If you already have Abstract Technology Group backing up your files, your data is safe. Without a backup, you will lose everything. A lifetime worth of data, company information, etc. will be GONE!

If this happens to you, call Abstract Technology Group as soon as you notice a problem. Our CryptoLocker specialists will shut it down, rid your computer system of it, install your last backup of files, and get you back in business.