Computer Upgrades

Computer Upgrades

August 19, 2019

Computers are wonderful tools in this modern era for doing business or simply home entertainment. They provide access to the entire world of information and allow us to fluidly communicate with others around the globe. So why are we so often frustrated by our machines and how do we mitigate this anger going forward?


Well, one reason is that the systems our computers work with are constantly being updated or changed with the idea of making things smoother for the consumer. Individual utility of different updates will vary for individuals, but generally they are meant to help.

Frustration can arrive when the updates are either forced upon the user, or the user puts off the updates to a point the computer does not work correctly. It is important to both be aware of scheduled updates and to plan times when the update can occur and not affect workflow.

Updates do not discriminate against brands. Pretty much all technology will require some kind of update at some point. Whether Windows, Apple, Linux, Android or IOS, system updates will eventually arise. Having a backup of your computer or phone will help with the stress of system updates knowing you can always retrieve your information if something goes wrong.


Usually companies will put out notifications informing their customers when updates will take place. Monitoring emails can help you schedule a time to perform updates and not lose any time with your devices. Often, updates can be performed overnight when usage is typically at its lowest.

Before performing an update, make sure your power source for the device is working properly. Sometimes updates can take a long time and require system resets that bypass the standard power system. Always have your device plugged into a consistent power source before performing an update.


Abstract Technology Group is here to help if you are feeling overwhelmed by the updating process. Our experienced technicians can perform the necessary upgrades for your devices so you do not have to worry about the details. Come in and visit us today to learn how Abstract Technology Group can make sure you are optimally using your technoogy.