Computer Repairs

Computer Repairs

September 16, 2019

It happens to everybody. At some point your computer will start acting up and not working properly. While there are many issues that can arise with modern technology, the frustration is the same. Problems with a device can cause great consternation when trying to perform simple, everyday tasks.

From blank screens to slow operations, the many symptoms of broken technology can make it difficult to diagnose the specific problem. Sometimes a simple Google search can lead in the right direction, but the results are often very technically versed and not helpful to the everyday computer user.


If the problem is something internal that requires opening up the body of the computer it is advisable to see a professional. An example would be if some of your RAM had gone bad. RAM is a type of memory which allows a computer to perform certain operation. More RAM lets a computer perform faster and handle larger tasks like video processing or displaying games. Typically, RAM comes on ‘sticks’ with multiple sticks working together. If a computer has two sticks of RAM, but one of the sticks fails, the computer can only operate at half of its capabilities. The fix is not too difficult, but if done incorrectly can be detrimental to the device.


A bad hard drive is one of the worst issues that can occur. The hard drive is the central storage point for your computer, housing all of your files and vital data. It is a good idea to always have your computer backed up on a server or external hard drive. See our past blog all about backing up important data.


These are just a few issues that can arise but there is no shortage of potential computer problems. Our experienced techs can figure out the concerns and discuss the needed steps along with associated costs. Your computer running slowly? We offer a free diagnostic for all Windows machines. Find out the problem without your wallet taking a major hit. If you are having any computer problems, call 765-420-8324 or come by Abstract Technology Group at 1800 Union Street so we can answer your questions.