Biz Apps

Biz Apps

March 12, 2020

While smartphones are great for entertainment and connecting with friends and family, they also have capabilities that can help improve business operations. Here we will review some of the best apps for conducting business and how they can take some of the day-to-day stress off your plate.



A payment app that makes it easier to process credit card payments, not matter the size of the business. Formerly, the ability to process card payments may have been a detriment to small businesses who could not afford various fees and conditions. Square has simplified the process for the technologically based modern world.



Email marketing being as prevalent as it is means managing such operations can be quite involved. Mailchimp helps to streamline the process so that you can worry about supplying the content while being provided comprehensive engagement stats and build applicable, targeted mailing lists.



Slack helps to organize internal communications of a company. Different public and private chats can be established and reviewed so that there is never a lapse between those who need to always be on the same page. The automatic archiving and indexing, along with the limitless user number, have made Slack a standout in business communication.



Dropbox is by far the most popular method of file sharing for businesses. One can upload any kind of file to the Dropbox servers and then share it with relevant parties either directly or with hyperlinks. The digital landscape of business means people want immediate results, and Dropbox helps to achieve this.

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