How to Avoid Black Friday & Cyber Monday Gimmicks

How to Avoid Black Friday & Cyber Monday Gimmicks

November 14, 2018

We all get excited when we think we are getting a good deal.  That’s natural.  But when it comes to buying a new or refurbished computer the goal should be to buy just what you need that addresses your personal or business computing needs. 

Often in the rush to take advantage of what we perceive as a good deal, we can be encouraged to purchase additional capability or add-on components, we do not need and really don’t want to pay for.

Creating a Computer Just for You
When buying a laptop, tablet, desktop unit, or a new server from a computer retail outlet or online, what is normally available are preconfigured products. These may not meet all your needs, or you pay for features you do not use.  Abstract Technology can put together the computer that best fits your requirements and your budget.  We have access to all leading brands including Dell, HP and Apple.

Maximizing Your New Computer’s Capabilities
To complement your new computer Abstract Technology also offers monitors that have superb screen clarity, color accuracy and ultrathin borders.  In addition we have wireless keyboards and mice; docking stations; routers and modems; and audio components. We’ll help you select the right peripherals that allow you to take full advantage of your computer’s processing power, display features and audio capabilities.

Software for Business & Personal Applications
Our technicians are certified for Apple and MS operating systems and can get you up and running quickly.  We also have experience with most business applications and can install and test new software when setting up a new computer or system.

Ongoing Support & Service
Perhaps the most important gift we can provide is the support of certified technicians that will work with you to select the right computer, operating system, anti-virus protection, and software for your business and personal use.  Just as importantly Abstract Technology will be available to help you troubleshoot any future problems and provide ongoing maintenance support. 

A Perfect Gift
HO! HO! HO! This holiday season is a great time to get a deal on a new or refurbished computer.  So whether you’ve been naughty or nice, let Abstract Technology Group help you find the computer that fits just right under your Christmas tree.  Give us a call at 765-420-8324 or send us an email at Contact Us.