Low Cost Graphic Design and Print Services

May 24, 2018
Abstract Technology’s in-house graphic design team can create low cost, high quality marketing materials that will promote your business and be easy on your budget. Our lower prices set us apart from our competition.
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Walk-In and Home & Office Computer Repair

Apr 20, 2018
It’s probably happened to all of us. Your computer screen locks up, or a certain program stops working, or heaven forbid you get “the blue screen of death” and your hard drive crashes. What do you do? For those who don’t have an IT department you may feel compelled to curl up in a corner and just cry. But before doing that we recommend either bringing your computer into Abstract Technology, or giving us a call, and we’ll make arrangements to assess your situation and determine a course of action.
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How Many Different Types of Websites Are There?

Mar 16, 2018
We didn’t say how many websites are out there. That number would be 1,859,599,924 and increasing every second. By our definition there are six different types of websites. These are broad categories ranging from the very basic to those that are custom designed for very specific business applications.
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Mac or PC? It Makes No Difference to Us

Feb 28, 2018
Mac or PC? Regardless of which type of operating system you choose, inevitably it will require some maintenance. When this happens we encourage you to give Abstract Technology a call to let us solve your Mac or PC problem. Our technicians are both Apple Certified and MS Certified and will identify whether the problem is software or hardware related.
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Website Back Up Bill Scam

Apr 03, 2015

In the past week, three of our customers have received a bill for website back up service. It looks legitimate. However, it is not. One customer receives services through us, so we knew right away that it was not accurate. The others emailed and asked because they weren't sure. If you receive this bill, do not pay it. It's a scam.

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