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Computer Repair

Computer broken? Need an upgrade? Heck, need a new computer? Then you’ve found the right place. We can quote repairs, upgrades, and offer custom hardware and software to keep you on the cutting edge.

We can help you with our expert repair and upgrade service for all MAC computers.

Apple Mac Repair

IT Consulting

If you need a consultant, project manager, or just an objective voice to help your current IT department, Abstract is the perfect partner for IT success. Our expertise and input can yield new thoughts, technologies, designs, and ultimately better options. Call us today to speak with one of our consultants!

Abstract has created many websites for their customers. We can create anything from a static html website to a full custom php site. Whatever your needs, Abstract can provide you with the right product.

Website Design & Hosting

IT Outsourcing

Abstract can be your entire IT department. Why pay one person a very healthy wage when you can pay Abstract much less, all the while receiving much more. With a one or two person IT department you have limited talent at your disposal. You may end up paying them and outside consultants. Abstract has packages call Managed Services that address all your IT needs. A no-worries plan.


Website Back Up Bill Scam

Apr 03, 2015

In the past week, three of our customers have received a bill for website back up service. It looks legitimate. However, it is not. One customer receives services through us, so we knew right away that it was not accurate. The others emailed and asked because they weren't sure. If you receive this bill, do not pay it. It's a scam.

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Is Shopping Online Safe?

Mar 12, 2015

Whether you are handing your credit card to the 19 year old who takes it to the back of the restaurant to run it or entering the information online, anytime you use a credit card you are taking a risk. The important thing to know is how to minimize that risk.

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Construction Continues

Jan 30, 2015

Construction continues on our new training room.

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Abstract Construction

Jan 21, 2015

Abstract is excited that construction has begun on what will be our beautiful new training room. The walls are shaking. The floors are vibrating. Gone will be the teller window, the drive thru, and the ATM pull up. Gone will be the weekly visitors who come in to cash a check not realizing the bank moved over a year ago.

The remodeling allows the Abstract sister companies, Theory and Creatives, to expand their services as well.

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